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Exhibitors (A-Z)

With over 40 exhibitors attending The Agroforestry Show you can be sure to find a wide range of products and services to help make your agroforestry project a success.


Meet experts for practical advice and funding guidance as well as the latest research and new technologies, from office tools to on the ground equipment.


Whether you’re well-versed in the benefits of trees on farms or new to the idea of agroforestry, our exhibitors have something for everyone.

Scroll down to find out more...

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Pitch #:

Our planet is changing, join us on our journey.

We recognise that our industry is evolving, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative solutions to help our customers achieve the best possible results. We have developed a sustainable and biodegradable range of tree and hedge guards.

Alvan Blanch


Pitch #:

British engineering company, manufacturing and exporting agricultural and waste processing machinery in Wiltshire, since 1952.

Energy efficient solutions for inter-crop harvesting, drying, separating/cleaning handling and processing of grains, nuts, herbs, teas – from small to large industrial.

Reapers, Threshers, Dryers, Cleaners, Conveyors, Feed Mills, Fruit Juice Extractors.

Bee Happy Plants & Seeds


Pitch #:

We recognise that our industry is evolving, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative solutions to help our customers achieve the best possible results. We have developed a sustainable and biodegradable range of tree and hedge guards.

Biomass Connect


Pitch #:

Biomass Connect: Biomass Innovation and Information Platform – Multi-site Feedstocks Demonstrator, is a demonstration and knowledge sharing initiative to showcase best practice and innovations in land-based biomass feedstock production. Funded by DSNEZ as part of the government’s £1 billion Net Zero innovation portfolio.



Pitch #:


Quite possibly, the most durable, most comfortable boots ever made.

They are rugged, with their own natural beauty and distinctive look and feel. Build tougher than they need to be, they reflect the place they’re from. There is no place on Earth like Tasmania and no boots on Earth like the ones that were born there.



Pitch #:

Confor is a not-for-profit organisation that works and lobbies on behalf of the private forestry and wood sector. Our strength is that we give a small sector a more powerful voice. We represent the whole forestry and wood ‘supply chain’ and focus on the strategic issues that are vital to the success and sustainable future of the sector.

Coventry University


Pitch #:

Cranfield University


Pitch #:

Cranfield University is a postgraduate-only university in rural Bedfordshire. Cranfield staff from the School of Water, Energy and Environment have led agroforestry research since 1992, including co-ordinating the AGFORWARD project ( Current research includes bio-economic modelling of trees on farms and net zero targets.



Pitch #:

Trees & woodland are a Government priority - The England Trees Action Plan (ETAP), published in May 2021, is designed to deliver England’s contribution to the UK-wide target of planting 30k ha of new trees each year by the end of this Parliament. The £760m Nature for Climate Fund (NCF) aims to kickstart progress, using partnership and collaboration across the public, private, charity and eNGO sectors. The NCF Tree Programme enables new partnerships and provides grants and advice to landowners and farmers.

Energy Crop Consultancy


Pitch #:

Energy Crops Consultancy offer a complete, nationwide, service from design of plantation and agroforestry schemes - from selection of planting material, cultivation and planting, agronomy, harvest and marketing of produce to best effect optimising grower returns. We also produce and sell Willowglow briquettes.

England's Community Forests


Pitch #:

England’s Community Forests are experts in woodland creation and offer free expert advice, support and funding to landowners interested in planting new woodland.

There are 13 Community Forests in England, with experienced Woodland Creation Officers dedicated to working with you from your first enquiry right through to delivery, and long-term management of your woodland.



Pitch #:

Exagen are building the next generation of renewable energy.projects and grid-balancing battery storage facilities. We are applying the latest technology to transform the energy sector. We partner withfarmers, landowners, and communities to build biodiversity-boosting projects that tackle the triple threat of energy security, fuel poverty, and the climate emergency.Led by an experienced team of finance, renewable, and technology experts, we provide solutions to some of the energy sector’s biggest challenges, creating a renewable legacy based on people,technology, and positive environmental impact.

FWAG SouthWest


Pitch #:

We’ll be offering advice on funding options for agro-forestry, orchards and woodland creation, including Biodiversity Net-Gain, grants and more.

You can also find out about our several current and upcoming projects related to agroforestry, including People and Woods (skills and training), Hedgerow Heroes and our Black Poplar tree nursery.

Farm Carbon Toolkit


Pitch #:

Farm Carbon Toolkit exists to support farmers in understanding their businesses greenhouse gas emissions, how to reduce emissions on farm and how best to store carbon in soils and biomass. We are working to support farmers with agroforestry enterprises to measure and monitor carbon storage.

Farm Woodland Forum


Pitch #:

The Farm Woodland Forum aims to facilitate the generation and exchange of information that supports best practice in and improves opportunities for farming with trees.  We are an informal group of farmers, foresters and researchers with a common interest in farming with trees in all its aspects.

Forest Research


Pitch #:

Forest Research is Great Britain’s principal organisation for forestry and tree-related research. We provide evidence to support sustainable forestry. The pitch will showcase social science conducted by the Society and Environment Research group, along with our project partners, LEAF, who work closely with us on engaging farmers with tree health.

Forestry Commission


Pitch #:

The Forestry Commission is the Government’s forestry expert. We will be advising on the grants and support available for woodland creation and sharing practical ideas about integrating trees into the farmed landscape to improve biodiversity, soil health, provide protection, increase productivity for crops and livestock and improve water quality.

Frank P Matthews


Pitch #:

Frank P Matthews est. 1901 is one of the largest tree nurseries in the UK offering bare root and container grown Fruit and Ornamental trees, Rootstocks, Hedging and Specimen Trees. Growing over 1million trees per year we have trees for every project and situation.

Garford Farm Machinery


Pitch #:

Garford Farm Machinery Ltd is a development, manufacturing and distribution company supplying high quality products to the UK and world agricultural market.

Garford manufacture a range of robotic mechanical weed control products including Robocrop Precision Guided Hoes, InRow Weeders and Baby Leaf Hoe. Garford also supply manual hoes and hooded sprayers too.



Pitch #:

Green-tech has been supplying the forestry and landscaping industries since 1994. It is the largest distributor of Tubex tree shelters and a champion of their revolutionary tree shelter collection and recycling scheme. More recently, Green-tech has taken a lead in working with manufacturers such as Tubex, Rainbow and Nex-Gen to provide market feedback on biodegradable and sustainable tree planting solutions

Heron's Folly Garden


Pitch #:

Herons Folly Garden has been run organically for over thirty years, and is registered with the Soil Association. Our aim is to provide hardy disease-resistant apple trees that will bear good crops of clean fruit under ordinary growing conditions. There are tens of thousands of apple varieties. We offer several hundred cultivars specifically chosen for their cropping, flavour, and hardiness. Herons Folly Garden is a member of the UK Agroforestry Innovation Network and the Farm Woodland Forum in promoting the use of Agroforestry.

Innovative Farmers


Pitch #:

Innovative Farmers is a not-for-profit membership network, for farmers and growers who are running on-farm trials to test innovative new practices. This farmer-led research allows them to collect robust data which is relevant to the real-world farming environment and easily transferable to their businesses.

Our aim is to put farmers in the driving seat of research to speed up the adoption of agroecological farming practices in the UK. By introducing farmers and researchers to the benefits of on-farm research, they are supported to collaborate and find solutions to agricultural problems.

We have developed a proven model for engaging farmers, researchers and other industry professionals to collaborate on-farm trials that we call field labs. Since 2012, we’ve launched over 150 field labs across the UK, awarding over £450k of funding in small grants to groups of farmers. This funding helps cover the costs of a researcher’s time and any other equipment or inputs required. This takes some of the risk out innovation and gives farmers and growers the confidence to test ideas that otherwise would have remained on the drawing board.



Pitch #:

Our mission: 500 million new trees for Europe. Life Terra is a foundation enabling people to take impactful climate action now. We facilitate tree planting, educate future generations, and develop tree monitoring technology.

We’ve been planting with agroforestry and food forest landowner across Europe and would love to become more active in the UK!

McVeigh Parker


Pitch #:

McVeigh Parker is the largest independent supplier of fencing and faming materials in the country. It is also the home of the award-winning Triple X fencing system – 30 year life, chemical-free, lower carbon footprint, recyclable and resiteable with massive lifetime savings compared to treated timber.

New Gen Agri


Pitch #:

New Generation Agriculture specialises in pioneering products for the global Agricultural and Food Sectors. We are committed to improving profitability for farms.



Pitch #:

Nofence Grazing Technology, the world’s 1st virtual fence, allows livestock to be managed without the need for physical fencing. Pastures are created and boundaries changed within the Nofence app and animal movements can be tracked and grazing data viewed. Nofence can enable easy to manage rotational grazing and agroforestry systems.

Organic Research Centre


Pitch #:

The Organic Research Centre (ORC) is the UK’s leading independent research centre for the development of organic/agroecological food production and land management solutions to key global issues including climate change, soil and biodiversity conservation, and food security.

Oxbury Bank


Pitch #:

The only UK Bank dedicated to British Agriculture.

Pasture for life


Pitch #:

Pasture for Life is an organisation of farmers, butchers, researchers and more championing the positive impacts grazing animals can have; whether for the environment, human health, or animal health and welfare. We learn from and support farmers, develop routes to market and novel supply chains, certify products, and advocate for better labelling standards.

Penfolds Forestry


Pitch #:

Penfold’s are focused on working with our Clients to improve, create and maintain their woodlands .

Plymouth City Council


Pitch #:

Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest can provide funding and support for woodland creation from moor to shore, bringing trees and people together to create healthy, inspiring, resilient places for humans and nature to live, side by side.

Rainbow Professional


Pitch #:

Rainbow is a market leading company manufacturing a wide range of environmentally sustainable products to increase tree and plant survival. We are uniquely positioned in our mission to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste through our focus on innovation, research and development.

Real Wild Estates


Pitch #:

Real Wild Estates works with landowners and landholders to restore land to nature, balancing ecological recovery with financial viability. Delivering nature restoration on landscapes that are productive, marginal and unproductive with the focus on extensive grazing, natural regeneration, wetland creation, flower meadows, woodland and wood pastures and other nature friendly activities & interests.

Regenerate Outcomes


Pitch #:

Regenerate Outcomes is working with leading regenerative farmers to develop ecologically and financially rewarding farms over the long term.

Regenerate Outcomes’ mentoring programme is provided at no upfront cost and helps farmers build resilient farms while generating new revenue streams from the sale of carbon credits and other environmental outcomes.

Royal Forestry Society


Pitch #:

For 140 years, the RFS has dedicated itself to sharing knowledge on the art and science of woodland management so that the accumulated wisdom and experience of landowners, foresters, arborists and others is transferred from one generation to another.



Pitch #:

Eco Tree Shelters from Sirane Group. Sustainable, plastic-free & recyclable tree-shelter solution. Made from trees, protecting trees – available in a range of sizes.

Soil Association


Pitch #:

For over 75 years, the Soil Association has worked with everyone to transform the way we eat, farm, and care for our natural world.

Their vision is regeneration – a world with good health, in balance with nature, and a safe climate.

The farming team offer a range of support through facilitating peer to peer learning networks, farm walks and technical advice.

Their website provides a range of inspiring resources on agroforestry, including videos, case studies and a digital e-learning course.

Soil Association Certification


Pitch #:

The Soil Association is the country's leading organic certifier offering a huge range of organic and sustainable certification schemes across food, farming, forestry beauty & wellbeing, fashion & textiles and catering.

Soil Association Exchange


Pitch #:

Soil Association Exchange is here to support farmers and the way they do business. To change the way people see farming and the impact it has, and to harness the power of farming for the good.

We're here to help every type of farmer and grower get the most out of sustainable farming - reaping the financial benefits of feeding their communities while stewarding the land with nature in mind.

Our online platform uses cutting-edge technology to help you measure the environmental and social impact of your practices and make positive differences that reward your efforts. Our team of agricultural experts work in partnership with you to help your business prosper, so you can make the most of your practices and produce - and get paid for regenerating the land.

The Grower


Pitch #:

We are a family run bareroot hedging and tree nursery, growing over 1.5 million broadleaf and coniferous plants for forestry, landscape and agricultural sectors. We also stock stakes, guards and other planting accessories.

The Tree Shop


Pitch #:

Tree Shop promotes the Shelterbelt Initiative – implementing Optimal Shelterbelts delivering the maximum microclimate with minimal loss of productive land, usually situated against hedgerows, rebuilding biodiversity. We conduct a programme of scientific research on 22 OSBs in the Cotswolds.

Tree Shop sells a wide range of native trees, shrubs, hedging, arboretum trees



Pitch #:

Tilhill provides farmers and landowners with a range of nature-based solutions to help enhance the value of their business or property. We provide a range of tree-related services including creating and managing woodlands and offer industry-leading woodland-generated carbon offsetting schemes.

Tom the Apple Man


Pitch #:

We grow high quality, bare root, certified organic fruit trees within a regenerative agroforestry system. We believe that healthy trees start with healthy soil, which we feed with green manures and woodchip coppiced on site. We offer both rare heritage and modern varieties of stone and top fruit.

University of Reading


Pitch #:

The University of Reading has a rich history of research in agroforestry, agro-ecology, landscape management, and food production sustainability. Over the past decade, we have significantly broadened our emphasis on agroforestry, currently overseeing a diverse portfolio of research projects, PhD studentships, and teaching activities dedicated to promoting this land use.

Vigilis Tree Shelters


Pitch #:

Vigilis Tree Shelters: The Future of Sustainable Forestry.We envision a forestry industry free from plastic waste. Within the next 3 years, we aim to solely manufacture and supply biodegradable tree shelters(made from a blend of potatoes, wood and corn).

Wessex Woodland Management


Pitch #:

Expertise in all aspects of Woodland Management…

WOODLAND CREATION: Planning, GIS, Grants, Project Management, Planting & Maintenance, Carbon Funding, Hedge planting

WOODLAND MANAGEMENT: Management Plans, Digital Mapping, Grants, Drone Surveying, Ecological Surveys

TIMBER HARVESTING & MARKETING: Ash Dieback, Thinning, Felling & Biomass

TREE MANAGEMENT: Tree Health & Safety Surveys, Bat & Nesting Bird Surveys

FORESTRY & ARBORICULTURAL TRAINING: Accredited Training Courses, Forestry Works Manager, First Aid at Work, Basic Tree Inspection

Contact; or 01488 685007

Wood for the Trees


Pitch #:

A series of films looking at planting, managing, and restoring woodlands in the UK. Tom Barnes of Vastern Timber and Charly Le Marchant, environmentalist film-maker, have spent 3 years talking to people about creating thriving woodlands for nature and people. Come watch a film in our green van.

Woodland Trust


Pitch #:

The Woodland Trust are the UK's largest woodland conservation charity.

Their vision is a world where woods and trees thrive for people and nature.

Since 2013, the Woodland Trust's Trees for your Farm scheme has provided advice and funding support to help farmers set up agroforestry systems. Funded by the corporate sector, they’ve helped create over 240 schemes and raised the profile of agroforestry.

Woodlands for water


Pitch #:

Woodlands for Water is the first project developed by the Riverscapes partnership (Rivers Trust, National Trust, Woodland Trust and Beavers Trust) which, with support from Defra, aims to create 3,150 hectares of trees in six river catchment areas from Devon to Cumbria by March 2025.



Pitch #:

Wood-Mizer is a leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy for innovative sawmilling products.

From forest to final form, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of equipment including narrowband and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, band resaws, board edgers, wood kilns, planer/moulders, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades, and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking and forestry hobbyists and professionals all over the world.

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