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Short films from the show

Overview of the
Agroforestry Show 2023

More than a thousand people backed a “win win” future of farming with trees for climate and farm resilience at a ground-breaking event held in September 2023 to boost uptake of agroforestry in the UK.

Held amid unseasonably high temperatures, the UK’s first ever Agroforestry Show saw “the beginning of change” with consensus across around 1200 delegates that trees are key to ensuring food production while tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.

The show saw farmers, foresters, researchers, environmentalists, and policy makers sharing insights and advice on how to help farm businesses benefit from trees.

Eastbrook Farm in Wiltshire hosted two days of workshops and talks covering how agroforestry can help both arable and pastoral farms to protect livestock, crops, soils, rivers, biodiversity, and climate.

Picture gallery

All images are copyright Soil Association

AFS23 - PW - Agroforestry cut out sign with sun.jpeg
Agroforestry Show - sign at sunrise (Sophie Nixon).jpg
AFS23 - PW - HB on knee in front of agroforestry show sign.jpg
AFS - PW - Helen talking to the audience - farm walk.jpg
AFS23 - PW - Helen - close crop on mic farmwalk.jpg
Agroforestry Show - government support session with Helen Chessire and policy makers (Soph
Agroforestry Show - woodland pigs 5 (Sophie Nixon).jpg
Agroforestry Show - woodland pigs 2 (Sophie Nixon).jpg
Agroforestry Show - cows and trees (Sophie Nixon).jpg
Agroforestry Show - Helen Browning farm walk 4 (Sophie Nixon).jpg
Agroforestry Show - Helen Browning farm walk 2 (Sophie Nixon).jpg
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