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Over 30 sessions, 120 speakers, farm walks, demonstrations and an after party!

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Agroforestry has the power to improve biodiversity and soil health, cut carbon emissions and produce healthy nutritious food and sustainable timber.

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The Agroforestry Show is organised by the
Soil Association and the Woodland Trust.

Supported by our Lead Partner

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Do you want to create resilient and productive

farm and food systems?

Then this show is for you.

The Agroforestry Show is the first of its kind aimed at bringing together farmers, foresters, tree surgeons, growers, graziers, advisors, funders, food businesses and agroforesters!

Getting There

Getting To The Show

The Agroforestry Show is taking place at Eastbrook Farm in Bishopstone, Wiltshire.

Travelling by car?

  • Please use the link below to find directions to the site entrance.

  • Please avoid Bishopstone village and do not drive to or park at The Royal Oak Pub to minimise disturbance to the residents.

How about car sharing?

  • To minimise the environmental footprint of the show we encourage visitors to organise car-sharing where possible.

  • Please use this link (external site) to offer or find a lift.

  • If you do not already know the person offering or asking for a lift, make contact with them first to ensure they are genuine.

  • If driving for business, please make sure you have the relevant insurance.

  • The  Soil Association / Woodland Trust take no responsibility for any issues arising from use of this car-sharing website or service.

Travelling by public transport?

  • The nearest train station is Swindon Train Station.

  • We recommend taking a taxi or car-sharing from the station to the site as there are no buses available and the road approaching the site is not suitable for pedestrians.

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