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Sarah Holdsworth

Managing Director, Bee Happy Plants

Sarah Holdsworth

Bee Happy Plants based at Lakehayes Organic Nursery, is a small family run business, established and put into Soil Association organic conversion in 2002. Now run by Sarah and daughter Joy, with help from other family members, various local part-time and seasonal workers; all have contributed to what has become an efficient production line of seed-raised, organic, wild species plugs, plants and more seeds.
Bee Happy Plants & Seeds was awarded a grant through Innovate UK funded by Defra, a competition to put into action a solution to problems facing farmland and environment in general. This is an interactive database called APP4FUTURE which provides practical, information for farmers to find pollinator-centric agroforestry trees which also provide benefits to farmland and even diversification income for products such as high value medicinal honey, which may soon be in high demand to replace antibiotics

Speaking in:

Functional Biodiversity in Agroforestry

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