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Sally-Ann Spence

Entomologist, Farmer, and Owner of Berrycroft Hub

Sally-Ann Spence

Sally-Ann Spence is a scientist, presenter, farmer, entomologist and a Fellow of both the Royal Entomological Society and the Linnaean Society.
She specialises in dung beetles and pastureland biodiversity and founded the U.K. Dung Beetle Mapping Project accumulating species data. Her work with the project has seen her surveying field sites all over the U.K. including many outlying islands enabling her to study a multitude of grazing systems.
This practical experience has been translated into collaborative projects working on sustainable land management plans within the farming community to promote dung beetles as important bio-indicators for soil, pasture and livestock health.
Sally-Ann is a founding member of Dung Beetles for Farmers which was formed to continue the awareness of this insect group and highlight their conservation.
She also owns and runs an educational research centre ‘Berrycroft Hub’ based on her family farm where she keeps PFLA accredited livestock and manages all the grassland.
As a passionate advocate of British farming and biodiversity, Sally-Ann does a great deal of scientific public outreach both at her centre on the farm, at various events and on all media platforms including television.

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