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Marina O'Connell

Director, The Apricot Centre

Marina O'Connell

Marina is a director of the Apricot centre based at Huxhams Cross in Dartington Devon. This small 13 hectare farm has been regenerated by weaving together Biodynamic farming, agroforestry, and permaculture design techniques.

Marina studied Horticulture at Bath University, and studied a Masters in Environment and Society under Jules Pretty. She has worked at the Horticultural Training workshop at Dartington Hall, Otley Agricultural College, ran a small market garden in Essex, selling her produce at Growing Communities in London, which relocated to the larger farm in Devon.

Marina’s new book “Designing Regenerative Food Systems' is published by the Hawthorn press and is available at many bookshops.

Speaking in:

The Benefits of Silvohorticulture

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